Deaconess: Yvonne Michelson


As I grow older and watch the years go by,

I sit alone in my chair and cry.

I cry for things that were left undone;

I cry with the LORD, the Most Holy One.

Don't feel sad for me, for I am truly not alone.

The LORD comforts me. He's my Rock: My Stone.

He brings me joy, despite the tears.

The tears cleanse the soul from all the fears,

Of not standing up for truth each day,

And allowing fears to get in the way.

He is telling me to bring truth to this world;

To not hold back the words that may whirl;

A soul and mind for a moments time

And through the truth may Satan's hold unwind.

The evil claws that penetrate the souls

Must be released so that God can hold

The reigns to our hearts, minds, and souls

And lead us on to paths untold,

Of joy and peace and the glory land,

Where we, with Jesus, can stand.

Go out and bring the truth to all.

Search your heart and express its depths to all.

Rejoice in truth within your soul, 

With love, give out the story you hold.

Look deep within your heart and soul,

And recreate the wonders you hold.

Do not let fear destroy your walk,

Do not let fear be part of your talk.

Be bold with love inside of your heart,

And send the truth only you can impart.

The soul will be saved through truth's loving sword.

Go to the ship of truth and get on board!






  June 2021  
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